Monday, October 7, 2013

I'm With The Band

Oh, Buzzfeed. Sometimes, you are so disappointing with your lists of completely useless trivia and GIFs, but then you give us something like this and I am SO in love with you:

Isolated Vocal Tracks. Listening to these almost makes me feel voyeuristic. It's like I walked in on Eminem or Paul McCartney rehearsing with earbuds in - they can hear the backup track, but I can't - and it is so personal, like I'm invading their space, or like I'm with the band.

At the link, you'll find videos featuring Michael Jackson during the Jackson 5 days, Whitney Houston singing "How Will I Know?", and Kurt Cobain singing "Smells Like Teen Spirit." My personal favorite is "Under Pressure" with David Bowie and Freddie Mercury. That one gave me chills.

And it led me down a rabbit hole of videos that are nothing but the isolated vocal tracks of Queen, mostly featuring Freddie. "Somebody To Love" always gets an emotional reaction from me, but take away the instrumentals and you have this:

I made it all the way to 2:11 and then, that's it, I'm crying. Freddie's voice has this way of getting into my chest and making me feel all warm and squishy.

I can't believe that these videos have been on YouTube this whole time and no one told me! I feel like I've just discovered The Internet.

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