Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pinterest Win!: Two Pins In One

I have been looking back through my Taming The Mane board on Pinterest, trying to decide what I've pinned that I actually-actually want to try. I had some extra time yesterday to play around with my hair before heading out to take pictures at the theatre, so I combined two of my favorite pins into one hairstyle.

Wearing scarves as headbands has always been something I love doing, in theory, but in practice, they tend to slip right off my head. I added some bobby pins at the back of the scarf, just to make sure it stayed in place and that really seemed to help.

The braid-as-a-bun was my go-to 2nd day hair option when I was living the corporate life. It's simple, takes little time and not a lot of product. It does require lots of bobby pins to keep that thick braid in place, but I'm good with that.

Here's a different view from the side:

And from the front:

**Photo credits to Jehremie, my personal photographer**

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