Monday, June 17, 2013

Git-R-Done (At 375 Degrees for 45 Minutes)

Larry the Cable Guy Beer Bread. Do those words belong in the same sentence? When I found this mix in the dollar section at the Piggly Wiggly, my curiosity was peaked.

A box of mix, a can of beer and some butter. OK, Larry, let's see how this goes.

As instructed, I poured the melted butter over the batter in the loaf pan. I just had to take a picture. Paula Deen and/or The Pioneer Woman, eat your heart out.

After baking the bread for 45 minutes, here's what it looked like:

The butter made the top crust extremely crispy.

Everything looks better in natural light. :-)

The bread turned out moist and dense, with the sweetness of cornbread. 

Total Cost: The bread mix was $1.00, the can of Ultra was $0.79, and the butter used was $0.25, bringing the cost of the loaf to $2.04.

Verdict: The Official Mother-In-Law Reaction was "That is kick ass good!" I think this would be excellent with some shredded cheddar cheese mixed in, too.

Apparently, Larry has an entire line of mixes and packaged foods available - if I see this, or one of his other mixes, again and it's only $1.00, I would probably pick it up for the convenience factor.

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