Tuesday, June 18, 2013

You're Turning Violet, Violet!

Do you know what picking 40 pounds of blueberries does to a person? Well, for one thing, it makes them quote Willy Wonka over and over. "I've got a blueberry for a daughter!"

Our friends Ms. Sylvia and Ms. Sheila have the most beautiful farm. And on that farm, there was a dog (two, actually).

E-I-E-I...Puppy Smile!!!

Also on that farm, there were some blueberries. Technically there still are some blueberries. We didn't pick them clean, but we came darn near close.

Now to decide what to do with all of these blueberries. A bunch of them, probably about half, will be frozen in their perfect, ripened state, to be used throughout the year.

I've already made one batch of Blueberry Muffins to take with me when I go move some cattle later today.

Yes, you read that right, and no, I have no idea what I am doing. You can bet the camera is coming along for this adventure.

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