Thursday, June 20, 2013

'Til The Cows Come Home (Or Not)

So, running helps when the cows cooperate. We didn't see any cow action on Wednesday, but I did get some pretty good pictures on the farm.


This was as close as we got to the cows all morning. They said "Hello" and then a quick "Good-bye."

But still, we waited for them. Just chillin' on a dirt road.

After we blocked off the road, we had a visit from the grader.

Mike tried to convince him to go back home, but he had a job to do. So we unblocked the road, let him pass, and re-blocked the road. And continued to wait.

I passed the time by wandering and taking more pictures.


My continued quest to put together a Trees On Sky coffee table book...

This road leads to cows, but it didn't lead cows to us. Pretty view, though.

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