Saturday, June 29, 2013

Just a Nice Saturday

Things that did not go according to plan on this, the last Saturday of June:
  • We did not make it to the Watermelon Festival, since there was a crazy thunder and lightning storm going on this morning.
  • I did not get to sleep in, not even a little bit, since Nubbins has decided that she absolutely must knead my head and hair by 5:00 am each morning. Thanks, Nubbins.
  • I broke our Sun Tea jar, because sometimes, I don't think before I act. A little tip for you: If you have a jar full of hot water and tea bags in the sink, don't pour a pan full of room temperature water into that sink. The result: a sad, sad cracking noise and the need for a new tea jar.
  • The living room didn't get cleaned, even though we have company coming tomorrow and they will be sleeping on the pull out couch. Not sure when that's going to happen, since I'm going to church tomorrow morning for the first time in a really long time AND we're heading to Mom's house to help clean out the garage in the afternoon. We might need to get the air mattress out, just in case we don't get around to cleaning.
In spite of everything above, today was a really good day. We went to the Dollar General and attempted to "super coupon" our way through the store. We succeeded in getting a really good deal on shampoo and conditioner (with 2 free samples of moisturizer/styling cream as a bonus) and on cat food, but not much else. I am proud of myself, though, because the girl ringing us up had trouble get the coupons to scan. There were people in line behind me, and in the past, I would have just said "Nevermind, don't bother with the coupons" because I wouldn't want to keep anyone waiting or annoy the cashier or the people behind me. The thing is, we are really trying to live on less right now, and I'm not going to let a little register issue be the cause of more stress for me.

This doesn't seem like much of a revelation if you don't know me, but I am generally a people pleaser and hate to inconvenience anyone. And to a point, I still am - but for something that normally would have sent me into a shame spiral (I can't believe I am waiting in line and making a big deal over a $1 off coupon!), I think I handled the situation very well.

After our shopping trip, we had our Cowboy Shooting friends Hollifer A. Dollar and Kay Sadeeya over for lunch and a Crafty Girls' Day/Wii Shooting Games Guys' Day. This afternoon was planned because Kay liked a picture on Facebook of these fancy-schmancy high heels that were super sparkly and covered with rhinestones. They looked something like this:

I said, "Those look easy! Let's make some!!" So, we did. Here's what mine look like:

A bit more understated than the ones that inspired our craft day, but I love them. I guess it's time to finally learn to walk in high heels, huh?

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  1. I think your new sparkly shoes look pretty. I would break my ankles trying to wear them, but wish you all luck in your attempt.